Fresh & Homemade

We are famous for our dinner rolls. In fact, we have several customers who buy our rolls and place them on their pans to impress the folks (not to worry, we will keep our lips sealed)!

During the holidays, we open at midnight and have customers waiting to get in. Our Crescent rolls are the best around!  We also have an assortment of breads that are sure to please. Our wheat breads are made from 100% whole wheat that is ground fine to give our wheat products a smooth texture and feel. No sandpaper bread here!


“We are famous for our dinner rolls!”


Sweet Rolls

Here at Geraldine’s Bake Shoppe & Deli we make cinnamon rolls, orange rolls, twists, and sticky buns fresh every day! We make them with the best cinnamon and ingredients that we kind find. Our sweet rolls can be purchased in large and small sizes. So come down to Geraldine’s Bake Shoppe & Deli and try one, or all, of them today! What are you waiting for?