Heavenly Sweets



Our chocolate items are made using the best chocolate. Our chocolates are hand made by people who love what they do! Take a look at our selection of fine chocolate treats.



Our brownies are moist thick with a killer frosting. You will want to have milk on hand for this treat! Buy them individually or by the dozen for your weekend chocolate fix.


Devil Pops

Brownies on a stick dipped in Semper chocolate cut in various shapes, decorated. One of our most popular treats, kids love them and your friends will be amazed. Great for holiday gifts for any gathering.



Cream filled eclairs. An incredible French dessert classic. Topped

with a thick strip of chocolate, this pastry is not one of those wimpy eclairs. This one is guaranteed to hit the spot!



The best sugar cookie around! Big tasty frosted and must have. We also have a large variety of others.



Sweet Rolls

Cinnamon rolls, orange rolls, twists, sticky buns, all made fresh every day, with best cinnamon we kind find, large and small sizes.